Brainstorming for Ideas – Cells?

In order to gain a bit of a start off for the new project, I have decided to do a bit of brainstorming for what subject matters I can choose for the project that as a whole we can change for the better around the world. In order to find at least one good idea I

Here is a list of every noteworthy idea that I have currently had:

  • Water blood (pressure) bionics
  • Artificial cells
  • World boarders campaign
  • Ocean/river filters
  • Organic fuels
  • Solar arrays –> Solar cities
  • Bio domes –> Bio citys
  • Organic metals –> Miniral replacements
  • Complete item disposal centres
  • Complete item recycle centres
  • Growth accelerants
  • More reusable/long-lasting products campaign
  • Super soil
  • Crop growth kits
  • Solar post kits
  • Meat plants
  • More nature power campaign
  • Stricter punishment for environmentally unfriendly activity
  • Natural city/towns
  • Make apartments taller rather than wider campaign
  • Human colonisation in the skies/other worlds
  • Pawn shops for unwanted items
  • Item repair stores/centres
  • Recyclable foods

Out of all of the ideas I have currently had, I believe that I have taken a liking towards the second idea I came up with being “artificial cells”. This idea is about trying to create artificial cells to place within the human body that will allow them to heal damaged cells and destroy foreign or dangerous looking bacteria. I have pointed this idea out because I see it as a very interesting subject with a fair bit of creative potential.

I also chose this idea as it has a bit of personal connection with me, as I have a family member with a low amount of white blood cells, causing them to become very vulnerable to illness. So the idea of a specialised cell that protect the body from infection seems rather comforting.


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