As with the Christmas homework set by the college, one of our tasks was to do something different, but in a more minor way as for the moment. This task was for us to simply try eating something new of different for a change and record the experience. The way we recorded our experience eating the food was also asked to be done in a different way, such as speaking in a poetic or adventurous fashion.

The food I tried for the first time was called “Salmon Pudding” (spread onto plain baguette), the following is the description I have made of the experience:

“The the baby pink pudding seemed to almost melt away as it was swiped across the crumbly, white baguette slice, turning from a smooth milk solid into a rough paste. Just as I bit into the slice of bread, the aroma of the pale spread almost seemed to race past the taste to reach me first as I felt  my nostrils swell with a strong sent of fish, as if I had just walked into someone severing a freshly cooked salmon. Then, suddenly, the cream finally reached my eager taste-buds”