Final Presentation

Today we have finally done the end of project presentation to show our fellow classmates and teachers the designs we have created and the notable stages of development that occurred to create them. As mentioned within the practice presentation post, this presentation is composed of 20 (second) slides instead of the previous 10.

The final presentation include several slides from my previous presentation (as asked by teachers), each with only a few modifications with the slide style and image sources (as some failed to pass over correctly.Among those slides were the thumbnail slides, which I done over by taking new and improved pictures of the thumbnails, give each of them bolder outlines and clearer photos, as some of the class noted that the images for the thumbnails were somewhat unclear on the projector screen.

The the presentation included the following slides:

  • Introduction to project
  • What is a subculture?
  • Skater-punk
  • Steampunk
  • What is steampunk?
  • Minor History
  • Reason for choice
  • Issues surrounding the culture
  • Creative Review
  • Page layout
  • Science Museum
  • Typeface
  • Views from within the subculture
  • Practice presentation
  • Thumbnails
  • Sketches
  • Design Style
  • Images
  • Prototype designs
  • Final designs

Despite yet another few technical issues, the presentation went decently well, with me being able to properly explain a few more points that I was unable to do during the practice presentation (skater punk, design style, etc.). A few classmates even mentioned that presentation was effective and informative to the class.




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