Magazine Images

Since we are required to have images for our final designs (and since I have already included said images on my sketches), I need to search for suitable pictures, drawings or other related media to include into my final work.

Out of the two layout designs (the double spread with information on both sides or just one page with an image on the other) of the second page of my spread, I think that I will settle on using the whole image page idea my selected choice as the amount of text I need is not very important, as well as it giving me a little less stress on having to create two whole text layouts when I can create just one and do an almost advert-like image on the other side.

Here is a group of possibly suitable images that I found the internet that could be usable for my spread pages:


(created by Thomas Willeford and worn by G. D. Falksen










(models Liza James and Jared Axelrod)

(“Kyle-cassidy-steampunk” by KyleCassidy (identity confirmed) – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons –

I have mostly decided to choose fashion related images for my final spread design due to a couple of small reasons. First is that I wanted images that could link up to the main illustration idea that I currently have, which in itself is a simplistic-style portrait of a steampunker. The second reason is that I believe that the appearance of the of members of the subculture is very important for people to get a firm understanding of what it is like within real-life.

As of the moment, I believe that I may use the last image (directly above) as the photo for my second page of the spread. I have chosen it over the overs as I feel like it is very suitable looking for a magazine style page, and that it looks almost like an actual fashion page. It also seems like an easier fit for the squarer pages due to being wider than the other images.


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