Type for the Project

Before making any big decisions in terms of my final design, I must first figure out what form/s of type I am going for the typeface within both illustration’s title and that of the inner pages. The type must be fitting for the subculture theme and be acceptable for for used within a magazine, as it has to be easily readable for viewers to understand it quickly.

I am currently thinking of course using an old fashion sort of type in order to fit in with the Victorian era of the steampunk setting. Currently, I am mostly considering to use the same sort of type that I used for the newspaper title within the previous project, which I made with some inspiration from Roman type. I may use it once again as it nicely fits in with the old fashioned typeface that is often used within the steampunk setting.


I cannot really think of any other suitable types other than a very fancy handwriting typeface, although, it may make it harder to read for some viewers who are not as good at reading that kind of handwriting or may the type may end up being too complex looking to look readable.

I will likely place the type either over a rustic looking plaque/flat machine in order to make it readable for viewers, or, simply place it within an empty spaces on the center of the page.


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