Steampunk Sketches

Today I have completed a series of sketches for the final designs based off of the thumbnail sketches that I did during the practice presentation for class. Some sketches were made using separate ideas from the thumbnails, while most were made inspired directly from them.

As I mention during the end of my presentation, I tried creating a combination piece using both the piping illustration design with the steampunk fashion illustration (portrait image), using the piping in a boarder-like fashion around the steam-punker. I quite enjoy the resulting image that was created by combining the previous two.

There were also one or two other sketches that were mostly inspired by the ideas I created for the other thumbnails. Each one however are all inspired by various aspects of steampunk design, such as fantasy ideas like airships and mechanical inventions.

Having done these sketches has sprung up a few new design ideas from the drawing I have done, namely from the new sketches (ones not from the thumbnail sketches). The idea I had before about combining both the piping boarder and portrait image have both fused seemingly well together, and I like the resulting image I created within the sketch. As of so far, this idea may be the one I will keep for the final designs.


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