Trip to the Sience Museum

Today, after receiving an invitation from a friend of the family, I visited the science museum in London for a private event for those with disabilities. During the event, since there was only a small bunch of people who arrived there the event, we could easily walk around most of the building without and crowds at our own pace.

Using this opportunity, I was able to explore the exhibits peacefully and carefully. I was able to gain a fair few amount of photos more precisely than  normal as well.During our visit, I took photos around the victorian area section as it was full of various clockwork devices and machinery, all of which would be heavily used within a steampunk setting.

Collection of photos taken:

Taking these photos may really help me out when it comes to creating my final design within future. Thanks to many of the clockwork devices being open, I have a lot of good shots of the mechanisms in full. There were also a few very interesting devices within the exhibition that look like they could actually fit in within a fantasy setting, making them even better for inspiring some design ideas.


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