Steampunk – Practice presentation

Today in class we began practicing for the end of project presentation that wowed have to do to show our development for the project. We each created our own practice presentation (on power point) of what subculture we did and for what reasons have we chosen it.

As such, I of course created a PowerPoint presentation on my chosen subculture of steampunk. While the true presentation at the end of the project will be at least 20 slides long, in this presentation we were just required to do 10 slides since we have yet to complete the project.

For each slide, I talked about a variety of important topics surrounding the subculture as well as things that I had to think about when considering to do when using it for project. I also added thumbnail art of various ideas around the culture.

List of slides:

  • Introduction
  • What is steampunk?
  • History
  • Issues within the steampunk culture
  • Why is it being revived?
  • Reason of choice
  • Image 1 – Gear
  • Image 2 – Fashion
  • Image 3 – Machine
  • Favorite thumbnail

The introduction slide was of course made in order to give a brief summery of what the presentation would be about and introduce the subculture topic that I have chosen.

The “What is steampunk?” slide was made for me to give the audience a quick explanation on what is steampunk and some of the activities they practice in (cos-play, D.I.Y crafts, etc.).

The history slide was to give some information on the origin of the subculture, or in my case, give some information about how the name of it first arose, as I was unable to pinpoint any further information before that.

As required from the project, and to give an explanation on why it needs to be revived, I created the issues slide to point out a few (slightly exaggerated) troubles that culture is having/could have. To link in with the points mentioned on this slide, I then created the revival slide to give an explanation to what it is coming back from it’s downfall.

The slide after that was for the purpose of explaining why I chose to use steampunk as my subculture for the project, mentioning how I love the creative possibilities of it and it can help within the future.

The final four slides were dedicated for a series of thumbnail sketches I did of ideas for the final designs for both the font-page illustration and the two inner pages for the text layout, with three sketches on each slide (one for the layout and two for the illustrations). For each slide I chose a different aspect about the culture to use as the theme/basis for the designs, with the first slide using gears as a theme, the second using steampunk fashion, and the third using some form of steampunk contraption. The final slide out of the four was made to show which out of the nine total thumbnails was my most preferred and why I chose it (which ended up being one of the machine illustrations.


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