Subculture – Page Layout (creative review)

Due to my past post about the page designs for the Creative Review magazines being mostly from sources off the internet, I decided to get an actual copy of the magazine to view it for myself. I currently have the latest issue that is out at the current time, so it should be the most updated in layout design.

Like my original post, Creative Review does mostly use a similar layout to normal magazines, but with a few differences. After looking at an actual copy of the magazine, I noticed that there were a fair amount of images on each page, adding a bit of color to each page. Also noticed that the text and image place on each page was always different, with each one having their own unique placements.

Within Creative Review, some pages were a mixture of neat paragraphs with images placed within an area of the page, some had one page of text (and images) and the other as a giant image, While other were double page spreads of one large image placed across both pages.

Having bought an actual copy of the creative review has indeed helped me as it has allowed me to properly see the truly creative layout designs, as before I could only talk about their layouts based on the images I could find online. Knowing about things such as the use of full page images as well as placing images within the paragraphs of text could be useful aspects to remember when designing my page layouts, as so far I have been thinking about the use of text rather than images.



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