Natural History Museum

On Friday (post delay due to personal reasons), me and many other members of the class went on a group trip to London in order to visit the Natural history museum, as it was currently holding a specific exhibition called the “Wildlife photographer of the year” at the time, which was an art exhibition within the museum dedicated to the artistic photos of animals and scenery  taken by photographers all over the world.

Upon arriving, we found that no picture within the room looked alike, with each one having its own personality and style that made it differentiate from one another, with some being ordinary photos, and others having special filters or photo styles to add atmosphere.

While there, we were given the task of using denotation and connotation to express our personal reactions to several of the photos. I chose to do three photos, of which I have written my views bellow:

“Mother’s Back”

Denotation: Fox cubs, a mother fox, forest, cubs playing (play fighting together with mother).

Connotation: Happiness (both from the playing, joyful foxes themselves and from my own personal love of foxes), memories of my own mother, calmness.

“It came from the deep”

Denotation: An octopus, deep ocean floor, darkness, light/glowing aura, white specks.

Connotation: Alien, space (stars), strange, atmospheric, mysterious, unsettling, erie.

“Cormorant cityscape”

Denotation: Birds (cormorants), sea, wooden posts, city, shore, sunset, reflection.

Connotation: Calming, peaceful area, relaxed (warm colours), free (away from the city).


Having done this trip has given me some knowledge and useful practice on how to effectively use both denotation and connotation within my work and the works of others. I will have to keep this in mind when ever reviewing another persons work, as it would be very import to know this idea of personally understand the signs of a piece of work.


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