Today we learnt yet another new term that can be used within design, ideology. Ideology is a word used to describe the beliefs and interests of those within a nation. Ideology is what people within a civilization consider the “norm” of their daily life and motivations.

Many people from different nations, ethnicity groups or even religion may often clash against each other because of their different ideology. This may sometimes even lead to violent scenarios such as terrorism because of one group’s ideology conflicting with that of another.

When people such as terrorists do something horrible (such as a bombing or shooting) towards a certain group or random people within an area, while we may see it as being terrible, and thus call the terrorists “evil”, in their eyes its just their own ideology, which they are trying to spread.

depending on how a person live, how they learn and what kind of place and situation they learn in, an  ideology develops within that persons mind, whether it is unique or identical to others around them often depends on the true personality of the person.


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