Subculture – “Creative Review”

One of the recommendations given to us by our teachers for this project was to look at a certain group of magazines called the “Creative Review”. Creative Review is often seen as one of the biggest (if not the biggest) design magazines within the country, and is read by over 20,000 people for each issue released.


We have been asked to look at Creative Review in order to gain some knowledge on how we will create our double page-spread layout for the magazine’s inside part. I think that choosing to look at a magazine like Creative Review is a good idea, as it would be very useful to look at how professional magazine designers like them do the layout of their information areas.


Having looked at some of the pages of some of Creative Review’s magazines, I have found that many of them look rather basic in terms of layout, looking almost like an ordinary newspaper (or magazine) layout. Each piece of text were neatly played out in a professional style, taking good use of the space given by the pages. About a half (more-or-less) of each page consist of images, with text either being placed into the untaken space, or being put into their own separate sections of the page.

Having done this research has given me a little insight into what I could do for my layouts for the magazine’s double page. Because of the more simple, easy to read layout of the Creative Review magazines, I will likely give my double-page spread a similar appearance in order to also make it neat and easy to read. I may however, give it a few little details around the pages in a boarder-like fashion in order to not make the page look too plain.


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