Subculture – Finding a Subculture… Skater-punk?

Today I decided to search for a suitable subculture that I could use for my designs within this project. Do to not having any books or other media that could help me find the information I would need to create a decision, I used the internet in order to search up as many different subcultures from past and present to see what kinds of topics there are for me to choose.

Using a large list I found (*1), I was able to see a large quantity of different subcultures that I could use for the project. There were several subjects from the list that perked my interest, such as Hippies, Punk and Steam-punk cultures, however one of the options I noticed was the skater-punk subculture.

The skater subculture (from what I can tell) is a subculture of people who enjoy skating around places as normal skaters would. They are were well known for going to various places were they could easily do their skating tricks in public, like skate parks and even on the streets. The culture differs from normal skaters as they would constantly clash with the police due to their public activities. This, along with various other problems in society has begun to cause the amount of skater-punks to dwindle in numbers, causing the subculture to disappear. Because of this, I believe that this will make this subculture a great fit for the project, as it focuses around the resurrection of a long-dead or dying subculture.

As mentioned above, I have chosen to do this subculture as it fits in with all the requirements which were given to us by our teacher, being that the subculture is focused around our age-group, and that it is a dying or dead subculture that we are going to revive in our magazine.


  • *1 – Wikipedia

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