Subcultures – What are Subcultures?

The term subcultures is somewhat a new idea for me, and since it is obviously a very important factor within this project, I have decided to do some research into the topic in order to understand what sort of subculture I may decide to use for my work within the project.

Here is a summery of what I have found out about subcultures:

Subcultures are (in simple terms) certain groups within a larger society that focus around specific activities, ideas and/or even fashion styles that the members of the share a common liking towards. A subculture could literally be about almost anything if there are enough people within the society that share that belief and are able to interact regularly.

Subcultures can range from things such as the Star Trek communities (often referred to as “Trekkies”) who are a large subculture of people who are massive fans of the Star Trek franchise. They are often know for attending conventions about the franchise and even dress in the same futuristic attire as the show.

Another example of a subculture could be Punk, which is a subculture that is focused around the theme of an aggressive form of music called “punk rock” and its also aggressive fashion style. Many people within the subculture often wear various punk related clothing items and/or accessories such as leather jackets, tattoos and hairstyles (such as the famous Mohawk hairstyle). Punk also actually has a very complex and sophisticated role and viewpoints within politics, often going by the belief of everyone having personal freedom around the world.

Having done this research has helped me gain a very strong idea of what subcultures are and all the kinds of things it can be about. Using this information may allow me to more easily find a subculture I can easily related to in order to use within the project.


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