Solar Flare Zine – Evaluation

Finally, with all of my pages completed, I can now combine them with the rest of the pages of which my team had created themselves. Here I will give an evaluation on the pages I created by giving my personal opinion (P.M.I) on what I think what went well, what I thought did not go well and  anything else I found interesting about them.

News Page


Plus – I really like the newspaper idea I used for the page itself, as it actually makes it easier to understand that it is a page about the news. I also think that the way I did the story for the page is at least somewhat similar to how actual newspapers tell their news reports. Finally, I am most proud of how the type for the title turned out as I have never tried to use a type similar to roman type before and I am happy at how well it looks now.

Minus – I am somewhat disappointed at how messy the text and text boxes turned out as they seem a bit too rough for a news page that is supposed to be easily read by its viewers. I am also a little concerned on how simple looking the sketch I did in the corner, as it looks a bit too rushed for a newspaper.

Interesting – I still find how I used the newspaper for the page very interesting on how it makes the whole thing look and feel. I may keep this technique of using layered newspaper to mind within the future if I ever need a style of paper again. Next time I should be more careful on how I do my text boxes, making sure that each side is even and straight.

Gang Page


Plus – I really like the appearance of how the maps look and how the red fine-liner made there territory areas appear very edgy. I also liked the idea I had for scrunching the paper lightly in my hands to make the paper seem like scrap paper or has been through some rough places.

Minus – I am a bit disappointed on how the title type turned out, as I personally think that it looks not very well made and that the “g” in that style of type makes it look too much like an “s” (the underline is also a bit too close to the type as well). I also think that the anarchy symbol looks somewhat dull and that it should be redder to make it more brighter and dangerous looking.

Interesting – The idea of using old maps is possibly the thing that I found most interesting out of this page as the red fine-liner makes it look somewhat professional in where the territories are. Next time I should practice more with my title to ensure that I am happy with it before I put it soon the actual design, preventing me from having any regrets about it.

Music Page

Plus – I am very happy with both the type used for the title as well as the idea I used for the spinning record in the pages centre. The title type has a very bouncy feel to it which matches the tone of the actual information text (it also somewhat (to me at least) looks like the same sort of writing style as music notes). I also like how the record makes it one of the only interactive pages within the zine (the other possibly being Natasha’s pop-up Travel Page).

Minus – To me, the edges of the record look a bit to rough and messy, especially the gap for reading the text (which was due to it being difficult to cut out without bending the disk itself). I also think that the text is too messy and uneven, with some letters just scraping against the edge go the disk.

Interesting – I find the idea of making certain designs have interactive features to make them more appeasing to look at and gives a design a bit more personality. I may use this idea later in the future. Next time I should use a compass to make any of my circles, as not only do they make much more perfect circles, but they also show the centre as well.

Fashion Page


Plus – I love how well the clothes and their designs turned out after putting them on the models, which I am also happy I found as their clothing (swimsuits and a tight, pure pink dress) and posture made it incredibly easy to design the outfits around. I am also very proud of how the type for the title looks as it perfectly fits in with how one would expect a glossy fashion zine would make their title look.

Minus – I feel like I may have gone a little over-board with the decorating using the gold marker, as I think I tried a bit too hard to fill in the empty spaces with odd patterns and shapes. I also noticed that some areas of the clothes don’t fit exactly on target, as some bits of the models peek out from behind the edge just a little.

Interesting – I really find the idea of putting when type of design over another very interesting as it can create something completely new as well as something nice to look at. I also find the type style I used very interesting as I never knew before that I could use that kind type, and it may be one that I will use in the future. Next time I should ensure that all of the clothes fir completely perfectly by making sure cut out drawing is slightly larger than the actual picture, as it means that if the drawing is too big, I can trim it down a bit (it also means that it is obviously not too small).

Final Thoughts

All together, I am very happy with how each page turned out within the end. I am somewhat disappointed that I was unable to create the Illustration page that I was planning on creating, as I was unable to get to it’s creation due to time constraints (mostly due to the amount of time it took to create the more difficult pages (e.g. fashion), which took longer to create than expected). However, Due to it being just a drawing, it will not be a big loss compared to the more important pages like the News page.

Each page has their own tips and downs, but in total, I am happy enough with each one to put them within the zine. Creating each one has also helped me learn many new aspects in design I have never thought about, like the inclusion of interactive design, the interesting design of types and the importance of working together as a team, which revolved around staying in clear communication throughout the project and alway excepting any criticism or notes that they show to your work, and then acting upon them to improve that design.

I have seen this project as being very informative and helpful in my development as a designer and I am proud to have completed the work I was able to do.


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