Solar Flare Zine – Music Page

Today I completed the third addition to my page collection, the Music page.Despite being one of my most recent ideas, the design of which I came up for it has been one of the strongest.

First, using an old piece of A5 card (that somewhat reminded me of wallpaper parchment), I sketched the design of the page onto the sheet to serve as my guidelines for things such as text and title location as well as the area of which the record disk would be.

The type I used for this page was mainly of my own creation, using a mostly simple, thinner type (similar to a stretched-out helvetica type), with areas that have slightly thicker strokes as well as a jagged whip at the beginning of the “M”. I used this type style as it matches the happier bouncy tone and style of the page itself.


After doing so, I began to use pen to write out the text for the page and went over the title type I did in pencil in order to make it more bolder and similar to the other text. I also added a small red arrow at the bottom of the page so that readers may know which is the direction to turn the disk (unlike in my sketches in which I planned on using two).


Next I took a piece of black card which I would use to make my spinning record disk for the center of the page.


I then began placing markings on the card to make a circle as well as I could (using a flower vase as a stencil). After that I cut out the circle to make a disc which I then cut into to create a rectangular gap at the top. This gap would serve as the hole where viewers could read the text.


Next I took another red/pinkish piece of card and cut out a smaller circle. I also cut out a large gap on part of the circle so that it would fit perfectly on top of the black circle. (Due to the card seeming somewhat more pink than red, I used a colored pencil to make it seem a bit more red). I added some pencil marks around the disk to make it look like there are actual groves on the record.


Finally, I used a split-pin within the center of the page and record to hold the two together while also allowing the record to spin on the page to reveal the texts underneath.

Finished page


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