Solar Flare Zine – Folder Cover

Before we could start putting our pages all together within the zine ring-binder, we first had to put on the front page design we had been planning to use. Like mention before, we were planning on using a polaroid picture design with the tile of the zine “What is left” glued onto the underneath.

Using some old photocopies of some suitable photos that a member of the team had at home (as well as a ready-made polaroid boarder created from card), we began deciding which of them to use.

20151102_104516 20151102_104505 20151102_104450

In the end we chose the top left image of the tree, as we found it to be a very nice picture to look at as well as depicting the title’s message that we wanted to create (the picture of the road will be used in another group member’s page). After the image was selected, we had a member use a scalpel to cut off the edges of the photo so that it would fit underneath the polaroid boarder.

When the photo was fitted onto the centre of the cover, we then took the title that was made onto a strip of embossing label stuck just under the image, completing the front page/cover.


Finished cover



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