Solar Flare Zine – Fashion Page

Today I completed my fourth page for our zine, the fashion page. This page was possibly the hardest I had to make due to the amount of troubles I had about finding the layout and models to cut out for the zine. Despite this however, it is still one of my favourite pages I have made as a result.

First I started it off by searching through various old magazines I had in the house that contained any sort of fashion image containing full-size images of model. Eventually I found four images of models that I saw as appropriate for the page idea I was using (after searching all of the magazines I could find, I decided to drop the idea of using all ages for the page as the best model images I could find were only of women, so I decided to just use them instead). After that, I cut out each of the models out ready and put them to the side.20151030_215227

Next I began sketching out the clothes that I would stick over the models on a separate piece of drawing card, using the already cut out images to help me get the right sizes for the drawings. (note that during this stage I had abandoned using the model image with the dress as I realised that she would be too complicated to draw clothes for).


After I had completed the designs for the clothes, I cut each of them out and placed them over their respective image in order to test if they were a good fit. Each drawing managed to successfully fit over each model as if they were their actual clothes.


After checking that they fit, I then used water colour paint in order to colour in each drawing, giving each one as unique as colour palette as possible.

20151101_115901 20151101_115939 20151101_120035

When the clothes had finally dried, I then used glue in order to stick each one down onto their respective models.

20151101_121130 20151101_12124320151101_121233

While the glue was drying, I took out a piece of black A5 card which would serve as the page for the images.


I then glued the two smaller model images to the bottom left and right corners of the page and used tape to stick the top of the larger image above the two by sticking it only by its top. This would allow the larger image to be folded-over to se the other to more clearly.


When that was done, I began using a new gold marker pen I had gotten hold of and began to do some practice attempts of doing the title type to get an idea of how I wanted it to look and to see if the pen was functional.

The type itself is actually inspired by my own signature handwriting, as (like many other) write in this sort of fashion (pun not intended). It is also the same kind of fancy handwriting that would expect from big designer names (especially having it put in gold) as gives them a very glamorous impression.


Despite it just being practice, I liked the appearance of the first attempt I did (top “fashion” type) a lot, so I decided to use that one by cutting it out and glueing it onto the top of the page (as I was somewhat afraid that I would not be able to replicate how well I did it before).

Finally, with a few other bits of decoration I did with the gold marker, the page was complete.

Finished Page



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