Zine – Military to Music

After having thought about my page ideas a fair bit more, I have decided to drop my idea for a page about a military update. I have decided this i have realised that maybe a solar-flare would not cause so much chaos that people would be required to find military support (as that is more something one would do in a zombie apocalypse rather than a worldwide blackout), as well as the fact that the information on the page would probably end up becoming to similar to the gang update page. After talking with my teammates about our pages and their progress, we have noticed that none of us have actually chosen to do a page to do with the current use of music within the world.

Because of this, I have now decided to switch my idea of a military page to a page about the current age of more low-tech music. The types of music I will talk about likely be things such as record players and like instrument music and concerts.


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