Solar Flare Zine – Gangs Page

Today I managed to complete my second page for our group zine, the Gang report page. Unlike the some of the other pages that will be completed within the near future, the gang report page has changed a fair bit compared to the original design I made of it. Previously I was planning on making it a double page spread with a large anarchy symbol (gang’s possible symbol) painted across both pages, however, since then I have decided with the group that a double page spread would not work well with a ring binder, as the rings would separate the pages some distance, making the symbol look awkward. Because of this, I have switched to using just the one page like everybody else.

First, I took piece of old drawing card I had and began sketching out the layout of the design onto it.


Next I began writing up a quick notice or report about the recent activity of gangs within the setting, using just ordinary pencil in order to make it differ from the pen I used for the news report page. The title type that I used for the page is of my design, but certain features like the underline and type outline were actually improvised when creating the page in order to make title more rougher and look bolder.


After that I painted on the anarchy symbol across the page using the sketching I did before as a guideline. I also decided to add a few smudges of paint on parts of the card to add a rougher effect.


Next I decided to tatter-up the page a bit more by gentle scrunching up the page by pressing against both sides of the sheet using my hands. This made the page look as if the area it was made in was pretty rough or that the created was in a rush to report it.


Then I took an old map book I had at home and cut out two sections of a pair of maps depicting England (the supposed location of this zine).



I then stuck both pieces of map onto the bottom of the page and used a red fine-liner pen in order to place marks on the maps which would represent the locations/territories of gang territories and hideouts known by the authorities to warn civilians.


Finished Page



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