Modern usage of Type

Like mentioned within the brief, I will quickly go over the modern usage of type within design, talking about the common trends as well as any major developments.

Typography has always been a common factor in design for centuries, as it opens up a vast amount of methods for human communication, some of which function in much more complex and/or advanced ways. The difference in a piece of type can determine the level of understanding within an audience in an incredible amount of ways, as one type can seem fitting for one subject than another. For example, if someone was to create a halloween poster using a type such as helvetica, many people may only take a second to understand the purpose due to it being clear to read, but may see the type as being unfitting for the posters theme (although this could depend on the posters overall design). However, should someone use a more gothic type, while it may take a moment to read itself, the matching style of the type to the poster will allow an audience to get a good idea of what the poster is about just by looking at it.

Since the creation of the computer, the endless possibilities of type have been released onto the world around us. While early computers possessed very little ability at first due to their primitive screens, as they gradually evolved into more complex machines, they slowly allowed the creation of a whole new world of type.

Thanks to various computer programs, almost anyone can design and create a new type alphabet with almost utter ease and have it released for public or just personal use within their works. Many designers who are creating more personal works, a project with a bit more style or just because they want to use a certain style of type that they cannot find available already.

Understanding the modern use of type is a very important asset to have as it allows me to understand its importance a little bit more and thus type within my work a bit more effectively. I can also keep to mind (that despite not have technology to do so) I can create my own type should I wish to have something suitable that I cannot find anywhere else.


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