Since one of the pages that I am going to do is about the news, I am going to have to create a decent story to put on the page. The story has to be decent enough to make sense from the setting of the zine, yet doesn’t have to be too amazing as the writing is not as important as the design.

Here is a rough write-down of what I may use for the text within the news page:



I have done this practice copy of the text in order to gain a good idea of what to write for the news report and how it should be written, as I have to keep in mind that I have to write it all in the fashion of a real newspaper report.

The font for the page title is also something I looked at a bit. I am thinking of using an old  newspaper print style, as it would add a bit of familiar style to the page. The style @’m talking about will likely have very strong serifs and possibly some contrasting strokes added as well.