Solar Flare Zine – News Page

Today, after several planning sketches and talks with the rest of my team, I have final created the first of my pages, the News update page. Using the ideas that I have planned throughout the project, I had a pretty good idea of what the page would likely turn out as.

Like in my plan, I started by finding a newspaper for which I would used to create the page itself.


I then cut out three sheets A5 paper from several pages of the newspaper, ensuring that the one which will serve as the first layer sheet was mostly made out of text rather than images.


After that I take each piece of A5 that I just cut out and stick them together using a normal glue-stick. I used a layer system for the page as it makes the usually flimsy and fragile newspaper a bit more durable and sturdy to handle.


Next I began to write out the text on a separate piece of card, as this would make the text clear against the newspaper page. I also added a quick drawn image that links to the story in order to add something over than text to look at.


I began by drawing out the title. As I mentioned in a previous post, I made the title very old fashioned by using serifs and contrasting strokes. I gained a bit of inspiration for the serif locations from Roman type, as I found that it was very on-the-line to the type style I was after and had very effective serif placements.


After I had finished writing up the text, I then cut it out and stuck it on the page using more glue.

Finished Page



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