Zine – Sketches

After decided which pages I will be doing in our group, I have created larger sketches from the thumbnail sketches I did previously. Unchanged from before, the pages that I will be doing will consist on a news update, an update by the military, a report about rising gang activity, a fashion trend page and an illustration donated by a random person for entertainment.

I have decided to keep with these page ideas as I find them easy to understand how to create for a setting that we are using, as well as it giving rise to an array of interesting design opportunities, such as one idea I have for the fashion page being a page ripped from an old fashion magazine with hand drawn clothes of the current time taped or glued (or both to increase adhesiveness) onto the fashion models on the page. I also had another idea of using actual newspapers stuck together to form one sheet to create the news page, making it easy to spot over the other pages.


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