Zine – Reading the Brief

Before I become too engrossed in working on my pages for this project, I have decided to stop and give a moment to understand the brief a little more. The following is the brief’s noted requirements and my response to them.

Subject Specific
By the end of this module, students will have:

(1)        Explored and understood the practical constraints of a design brief.

I find this one as being pretty simple to understand in general. I must always keep to mind what I can and cannot do when creating my part of the project, namely the fact that I cannot use any form of digital media or other electrical aspects as the scenario focuses around the idea that there is no more electricity, meaning all parts must either be existing media that can easily be obtained by the people who will be donating. 

(2)        Produced and evaluated solutions to a design brief that encompass set criteria.

I must also be aware that while text itself is not as important to the zine as it’s design, I must still use creative type to achieve the criteria of the project, meaning I must do a decent amount of research into into what sorts of type would be appropriate and make a decision on what it should look like.

(3)        Raised their awareness of the history of typography including traditional typographic terminology and how it has been adapted to modern technology.

This one is pretty simple to understand as it also links in somewhat with the previous. I will have to, at some point before creating the pages, do some research into the history of type and how it developed into present day type. This may help me understand how much type has importance to my work and how it can really effect my work.

(4)        Explored and analysed the connotations of typeface choice and be able to justify decisions across a wide range of applications.

This one I find is a little more tricky to do compared to the other points. I must ensure that everything I do is clearly justified, meaning that I must explain why I chose to use or do certain things in order to achieve this criteria.

(5)        Begun to demonstrate an awareness of contemporary typographic trends and innovative developments.

This one is another simple one to understand. like the point before about understanding the past of typography, I must also understand the modern usage of it as well, knowing which types will be appropriate for each page (mainly the titles). As I said before, this will give me a firmer understanding of which kinds of type I must thing about when I need to use some.

The following is the expected outcomes of the project, as things I will have likely learnt or must understand by the end of it.

Generic learning outcomes
By the end of this module, students will have:

(1)        Begun to develop their ability to solve design problems within the structure of a design brief.

Like I am possibly doing right now, I must learn how to understand and follow a design brief to the very end, without any major or permitted divergences from the rules made by it (This includes the points I have already mentioned above).

(2)        Raised their awareness of the concepts and practice of graphic design needed to underpin the creative process.

Like with many other projects, I will likely learn new techniques and understandings about the use of graphic design both in and out of college. Going from I am currently going for now in this project, I will likely learn more of the importance of type along with various creative methods that I try with my zine pages.

(3)        Begun to apply the practice of thorough and relevant research as an aid to the development of individual creativity.

Like my teammates, I will be doing great amounts of research and development onto our ideas for the final designs of our pages, finding out various design practices we could use to create our pages as well as appropriate materials that could also used.

(4)        Begun to understand and use skill, and critical judgement when choosing and using type, which will allow creative freedom in their design solutions.

Like with the previous points, I will be doing critical research into the past and present forms and uses of type within the world, as well as research into what types I will consider using within my pages.


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