Zine – Ring-Binder

Today we created the ring-binder for our future zine. Using materials gathered by members of our group, we put together a ring-binder big enough for the A5 size paper we are going to use.

First we took an A3 sheet of black card which would serve as the main cover of the binder.


Next we took a sheet of slightly thicker card which would be used as the base of the binder and give it its sturdy body. We then began placing markings for where we were going to cut out the pieces of card for the binder. We marked out 3 pieces of card that would be used, two larger pieces which would serve as the front and back covers, and one thinner piece which would be used as the spine of the binder.


Next we cut out each piece and place them at the ready by the sheet of black card (note that the opposite side of the card is black).


We then got a powerful double-sided tape (as it is not only powerful, but also leaves no gaps if placed properly (which is important for this project’s ruined situation)) and stuck it to the black side of the thick card, and when place firmly, began sticking the card onto the sheet, leaving a tiny gap between each piece to allow it to bend.


Next we cut off each corner of the black sheet, as this would then allow us to fold over the edges onto the inside of the binder.


After folding in the edges, we used a scalpel to carefully peel off the excess tape creeping out of the edges.


Next, with a little grooving on the folding parts of the binder, we had the main body of the binder finished.


With the final touch being the ring-binder itself (which was attached to the body by sticking it onto another supportive piece of card and stuck on using more double-sided tape), along with an extra pair of card pieces to cover up the exposed white card, the binder itself is finished.


We decided to create the ring binder today as we believed it would make creating the pages a little more easier knowing that the binder itself was ready for them, as it meant that we could visually see whether the pages we were making would fit in with the binder’s design.


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