Zine – New Ideas

After another group discussion within class, we have made a bit of leeway towards what we are going to do for our zine’s design and production. We have decided to make the zine in the fashion of a ring binder folder. Not only will this make it easier to adapt our way of making posters in separate places, but it also makes sense with our idea of we made that the zine will be made from public donations by various people. Our group has already prepared various materials for its construction for today.

American 3-Ring Presentation Binders

We have agreed to idea of using a ring binder motif as it will be a very unique method of creating a zine compared to the rest of our class, allowing it to fit the post-apocalyptic setting by giving it a sturdy, durable cover, as well as an easy to use way of adding more updated information within the future.


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