Zine – Thumbnail Sketches

Today, me and my team (separately) created multiple thumbnail pictures of our ideas for what the pages for the zine are going to look like. I have tried various style of pages and layouts for what we could use for each page. In some sketches I used various methods of sticking down writing or images and in some I tried to make the pages themselves as interesting and as diverse as I could think of in terms of appearance.


We did this in order to collect physical ideas of what the design of the zine pages will be, allowing us to draw from the thumbnails we collected and possibly use them to create proper pages for the zine, or allow them to develop first by adding more onto them. once we have all gathered our ideas, we will likely try and point out what we think about each one, talking about the strengths, weaknesses and possible improvements before turning them into actual pages for the zine.


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