Zine Planning – Mind Map

In order to get a firm idea on what we are going to do for our magazine, me and the group a discussion on the various aspects that we would need to think of when designing and creating the magazine. During that discussion, I made a mind map detailing each subject we brought up when thinking about the posters creation.


We talked about a wide range of things ranging from what kind of world was this apocalypse going to look like, to what kind of materials we were going to need to make something within that setting. There were things however that we didn’t need to think too much on due to the situation of the project and setting. We don’t need to worry about the amount or quality of the magazine too much as the project will mainly be graded on the quality of the design of the magazine rather than it’s writing standards (although, being in an apocalyptic setting, I doubt that very good handwriting will be very important). We also don’t need to worry too much on the audience of the magazine as it will be aimed towards mostly everyone due to the scenario (although it will likely lean towards being for adults mainly, as I doubt children will be much interested).

The reason why we had the discussion and why I recorded it is so that we can put together, as a team, what things we must think about when creating the poster. We must know what each of us will do to take part in the magazine’s creation and what it will be about, as most of the time doing this project will be over the holiday, meaning that we will be separated throughout most of the time and most of us will not be able to meet at a regular basis. I recorded the results of the discussion so that I can turn back to it at any time I want and see such things as what materials we considered to use and what subjects were going to be put in it.


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