New Project – Solar-Flare Magazine

Today we received a brand new project to do over the upcoming holiday, to create a functional magazine that would be created within a post-apocalyptic world were a solar-flare wipes out all electronics. We will be working in teams to complete this project, and as the brief says (along with the setting of the task), we cannot use any electronic software or devices to create the magazine, meaning no cameras, phones or computers will be used in its making. As such, the magazine will be purely hand made using whatever materials that you would expect in a modern day world without electricity (e.g. (tattered) paper, card, fabric etc.).

The people within my group are:
and myself.

In order to stay connected when out of school (namely within the upcoming reading week that most of our work will take place in), me and the other members of the group have agreed on using Facebook as our way of taking with one another, discussing ideas and for reviewing any progress each of us make. We will use a chatroom to stay in touch as it will allow us to send images and links as well as talk with one another.


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