Research – Rule of Thirds

This week in class, me and the my class learnt a new useful technique used by both artists and designers alike when using photography or other forms of images, which is commonly known as the “rule of thirds”. The rule of thirds is a designing technique in which the designer uses a 3 x 3 grid to separate each part of a photo into a different square and by using the lines themselves as guidelines for specific important parts of the image, the user can bring out a more artistic perspective of the image and bring out the best positioning for the details of the photo.

For example, the photo to the right places the branch in the dead center of the left horizontal line and puts the frog in the middle of the four bottom squares. (source of both images)


The reason why we learnt this technique is because it will allow us to create more higher quality photographic work through the use of neater and well-placed alignment. Despite the fact that I may or may not require this technique for the current designs I am working on for my poster, I will most likely use it within the future should we use photography again.


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