Noticing within a Room

In order to further increase my listening skills when noticing, I decided to sit in my room for about 10 minutes in silence and just listened carefully to my surroundings. The following is a list of the various things I heard from within my room for 10 minutes:

Room in which I did the exercise.
  • Clattering of cutlery from the kitchen bellow.
  • Rumbling and screeching of the boiler in the attic above me (sounds as if stone was being scraped along metal).
  • The faint hum of the computer fan swirling next to me, followed by tiny soft screeches of the computers hardware.
  • A somewhat blurry beat of either the radio or TV downstairs.
  • Rubles of my parents chatting in the kitchen.
  • The clock within the hallway chiming a short melody before abruptly stopping.
  • The distant rumble of the kettle boiling downstairs.

The reason why I did this exercise was to help improve and understand what I should do when I try noticing my sounding in terms of sound. By practicing to listen carefully in a single spot and jotting down the little sounds that would usually go past my ears, I gained a little bit of experience in terms of what to expect should I use this technique within the future.


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