Type Posters P.M.I

In order to improve my understanding of what the end result of this project should be, I have been researching other type posters in hopes of getting a better understanding of what my poster could look like and what methods/techniques I could use to make it.

To do this, I am going to use a method called P.M.I, which stands for Plus, Minus and Interesting. Plus means to point out a positive fact about the subject, while minus obviously means to point out it’s negatives. Interesting means to point out something of interest that caught you’re eye about the subject (whether its good or bad).

One poster I have found that caught my attention is a poster by an artist called Ursula Hitz, who created a poster that depicts a birds-eye view of New York by using type to create the city and land.


I like the poster due to how it uses such a clever and interesting idea and how it uses solid blue for water instead of using more type, as doing so would cause the image to become cluttered and hard to see the image. I do however have a little problem with the type itself. I find that it can be a little hard to read in some places due to how wobbly and warped the words can be. I did find that the font was very interesting nether the less. Other than that, I enjoy the piece a lot and I may even consider using the map idea for my final piece by using the same style on a map of Bexhill instead.

The second poster I found is a piece of illustration shown bellow (artist unknown) that uses its own type to create a silhouette of a face.


I like this piece due to how it creates a very interesting silhouette using just the letters of a single word, something that is very eye-catching and unique among the ones I found. I do wonder however if the image would look better if it had a little more type though. I still find it interesting how that only using the left edge of the type, the designer made an image. Again, I may also use this piece as inspiration for my poster, using the same style of type, yet possibly replacing the blank background with a photo of Bexhill or even a collection of the type there.

The third poster I found is by an internet artist known as CHIN2OFF, which depicts a question-mark made of facts.

inject knowledge question mark by CHIN2OFF

I find this design to be one of the most incredibly unique and beautifully made type posters that I have found yet. I find it amazing how the type they used really looks like a 3D question-mark coming out of the dark, even though it is actually completely 2D. I do get a little annoyed on how some of the type gets hidden a little by the dark though. I do think the facts very interesting though. While I love the look of this design, I doubt I will use it in my final piece due to the limited amount of type I was told to use along with the fact that I do not have a letter or such that I could use the type to make. I may use this design in the future instead if appropriate then.

The reason why I did this research was to help improve and understand what other type posters have to offer and what sort of techniques or styles I could implement into my own poster. By observing other diverse ideas for posters belonging to other people, I can increase my own view on what is appropriate to use in my own designs and what diverse ideas I can create.


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