Noticing practice – Observing in the Kitchen

Today I decided to try to practice noticing again by watching carefully as my parents cook our evening dinner. Today we had mixed vegetables so I stood at a safe distance and watched the food boil.


“As I watched, i noticed how the steam almost oozed out of the water and vegetables sitting on the top as if it was being poured out of the pot in reverse, rising into the air only to collide with the sturdy ceiling above. The bubbles within the pot emerged and pop in a blur of speed, to fast tell if they even lasted a second. The pleasant smell of carrots and peas had begun to swirl and collide within the room, as if fighting a fierce battle within the air.”

The reason why I did this exercise was to help improve my understanding of what I should be looking out for when closely observing a reaction or object and how to “sell” said object/reaction to an audience. practicing this idea may eventually improve my ability to “sell” my ideas or designs to an audience.


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