Somerset House

On last Friday (9th), I joined in on trip to a place within London known as Somerset house, which at the time was hosting an interesting gallery of various pieces of illustrative works by different artists. The works ranged from posters, books or just illustrative art pieces form over the years.



I found the trip very interesting as I enjoyed the various contrasting types of illustration found within the gallery. Such illustration as “Half a Man” by  (book bellow) I found were very nice due to it’s simplistic yet beautiful design style, which I may consider in my final piece for the current project.


I also found the illustration simply called “Autism” (by Aad Goudappel) very interseting and somewhat more personal due to the fact that I and several people I know have autism our selves (although on various degrees of severity). How Aad portrays our minds as being much more complex and complicated that an ordinary person’s is very understandable to me as I know complicated it can be in an autistic person’s head.


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