Today I decided to try out the noticing technique the I talked about before. I have decided to use a random object and use the knowledge I gained before to describe the object in detail/poetic fashion.

20151013_124221[1](Swirled piece of blue-tac)

“The curls of blue and navy endlessly overlapped each other, almost as if waves crashing over one-another on a constant loop. The hundreds of fine almost non-existent groves patterned the skin, all left by past fingers. A single, lone strand of hair peeks out of the very top of the blue ring, stuck in it’s solitary place.”

I quite enjoy the idea of using poetry to describe an object as it allows you to be very creative with your use of language and play around a fair bit with words. I would really enjoy using this technique again if there is ever a time or opportunity to do so within my work in design.