Empathy & Sympathy

Again, last week we learnt something that leans more towards being connected to an audience than being an actually technique, the difference between “empathy” and “sympathy”.

I learnt that sympathy is the idea of simply expressing compassion to a person’s thoughts or troubles rather than trying to fully understand or connect them. Sympathy, from what I’ve learnt, is basically someone say “at least…” or “well…” towards someone else’s problems.

Empathy is the idea of connecting with someone, understating how they feel and making sure that they know you do. Empathy is trying to put together in your head how that person feels and how it makes you yourself feel in that situation. By showing empathy towards a person, the bond between the two become stronger.


I found this very useful when I first heard about this as I had never known that there was a difference between sympathy and empathy before, and I felt that knowing the difference meant that I could more easily connect with my target audience when designing for them. By understanding how they feel and being more empathetic towards them, I can create pieces of work that are more to their liking


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