Noticing Practice – Phenomenology

During last week, I learnt a new kind of creative technique that I hadn’t really thought much about before, “noticing” (or phenomenology). The main idea of noticing is that a designer may often find themselves paying close attention to the details around them and taking note of them. These details could be simple things such as the sounds that they have not payed attention to or things around the room they did not notice before, such as marks or items.

In order to test my abilities at noticing, I sat in the classroom and closed my eyes. I then listened and felt everything within the silent room carefully.


Next I decided to do another test. In this test i put a single raisin within my mouth and let it sit there for about a minute. During that time I payed close attention to it’s texture and taste (list of notes in image bellow). I noted down what I thought the raisin tasted like along with what it felt like in my mouth (I “foul” in taste due to me not liking raisins myself).

20150930_095920 20151013_133150[1]

I fount the idea of phenomenology very interesting as it is something that I do not really do as I do not pay attention to every single detail around me, mainly focusing on specific things instead. I may use this technique at some point in the future if we do some sort of mental base piece of work that requires a large amount of describing.


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